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3D Art, Lore, Utility and Gaming NFTs on Cardano


Space Troopers is an art and gaming project, with utility. We are offering 3D modelled art, each individually rendered and all unique from one another, highly detailed and stylised, with original traits and some inspired by classic sci-fi. We are aiming for our art to be good enough to be considered an art project outright, but we are also providing reasons to hold your Space Trooper by adding returns and utility. Some of our NFTs will offer passive income, ADA sent straight to the wallet containing them from a portion of secondary sales. In addition we will also be offering a chance to enter your Space Trooper in daily battle royale combat via our website! They will earn medals over the week and at the end of the week, those with the highest (and one with the lowest) medals will be airdropped ADA.


Space Troopers is a family-run play to earn Cardano NFT project providing a sci-fi gladiator management game enabling players to earn weekly $ADA in arena rewards.


This is our planned roadmap for 2023

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Some teams call themselves a family, but we actually are one (at most)! We are passionate about gaming, science fiction, NFTs and Cardano

Project Lead, Marketing

Angelo AKA Altum Potencia (

Business Director

Jorge AKA Kukulkan Tlatoani (Trotamoto)

Developer, Design

Alex AKA Indomitus Sanguis (AL)

Developer, Design





Whitelist mint date was 30th of August, that was be 48 ADA for WL. Public mint was 31st August, that sold for 60 ADA.

You will be able to send your NFT to the arena to compete for you as a gladiator! Any ADA they win will be returned to your wallet. They will also provide whitelisting for Season 2, voting on future project direction and use of funds, 'Destiny Choices' and some will also offer passive income. We will be implementing staking, to earn our token $TROOP, which will be an ecosystem token for future utility.

As a Space Trooper and a member of the Imperium Guard, you will have some say over your own destiny. You may send your NFT into battle, on missions with specific outcomes or train them so that their rank increases. Your individual destiny choices will also have an effect on the direction of the Space Troopers story.

We are planning for royalties of 10% on secondary sales

  • 50% returned to our holders through our arena mechanic
  • 10% returned to our holders through passive income
  • 10% to Mental Health charities
  • 10% to our talented 3D modelling artist
  • 20% to the team to allow for future development

Many reasons! you can earn ADA by entering your NFT into our web-game, you may be eligible for passive income and we are planning a mission system after we mint to reward holders with a choice of evolving their Trooper, promoting them up the ranks or using two troopers to rescue a 3rd and bring them back to their wallet. Finally, they are beautiful! So hodl them!

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